International Products

The FUNFIT range from International Products.....

All products are made of international quality standards, which have the following features:-

Product Features

· Designed to International standards. The result – a product that not only works, is also elegant.


· Pipes are made of Galvanized Iron. The welded joints are hot-dip galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. Some parts are cast aluminum. Our products will last longer even in coastal areas.


· Bearings are precision fitted and designed to take the expected load.


· Fiber Glass Reinforced (FRP) products are moulded on both sides for safety and aesthetics.


· Ropes and mats are protected against Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the Sun for out door use and longer life.


· Pre-galvanized steel frames are powder coated for a fine finish and appealing look. The coating is also UV protected.


· Designed for safety  - there are no rough edges or sharp corners.


· High stability  (will not topple).


· Easy to assemble and dismantle.


· Most products are packed in sleek portable boxes.