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By popular demand we have introduced this model of the trampoline, which can be used by adults as well as children. American researchers say that its bouncing action comes closest to providing the ideal aerobic exercise. This is a softer version of our Mini Trampoline (or bouncer as it is popularly known)

· Recommended for private use at home, office, health club, or in hotel rooms.

· Can be used indoors and outdoors.

· Safety handle provided.

· Designed for one person at a time, weighing up to 80 kg.

· It’s fun, invigorating and can be safely and conveniently used as part of a daily workout routine.

· Easy to store if space is a constraint.

Frame Size:   91 x 122 cm (3’x 4’)

Height:         40 cm (16”)

Weight:         15 Kg

Floor space:  105 x 137cm  (3’6”x 4’6”)                                                     

Safe play area:        5’ x 6’                                




Jumbo Trampoline

Our biggest elastic type trampoline

· Recommended for Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, Playgroups, Hotels and Resorts.

· Several children can play on it simultaneously.

Frame Size:   270 cm  (9’) octagonal

Height:                    50 cm  (20”)

Weight:         48 Kg

Floor space:  270 x 270 cm (9’ x 9’)     

Safe play area:        13’ x 13’





Features of the Trampolines

· Galvanized iron frames are weather resistant, even in coastal areas.

· No nuts and bolts. No sharp edges.

· Simple assembly.

· Tough all-weather mats.

· Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

· Full range of spares available.

· Elastic rope is treated to resist Ozone attack for longer life.

· Specially designed springs for smooth elongation and long life

· Gentle springing action prevents harsh jerks on knees and ankles.

· Stable, will not topple.


Benefits of the Trampolines

· Improves body’s aerobic capacity and tones the cardiovascular system in a gentle and safe way.

· Enhances balance, co-ordination, rhythm, timing, dexterity, and agility, while building muscle tone and strength.

· Reduces body fat.

· Give significantly less shock (trauma) to joints than jogging or rope skipping.

· Enhances digestion and blood circulation.

· Reducing stress and improves the immune system.

· Activates lymphatic system for speedy cleansing out the toxic waste.

· Improves health and general well being.


            CAUTION: In case of doubt check with your doctor.


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