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Monkey Loop Swing


It is a simple piece of equipment to replicate the calisthenics of monkeys. Children as well as adults can test the strength of their arms and build strength and grace of movement. A simple construction of a horizontal bar with 10 triangular loops mounted on vertical frames.


Suitable for Playground at Schools, Housing Societies, Resorts, or Home.


· The Swing consists of a horizontal bar with ten, pre galvanized triangular loops (with grip rollers).

· The horizontal bar stands on two 6’ high and 2’ wide U-shaped frames.




















Overall length:        300 x 60 cm (10’)

Height:                    180 cm (6’), adjustable prior to fixing into ground

No of loops:             10

Weight:                    35 kg                        

Safe play area:        6’ x 16’        

                                                                   Fixed to ground