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Rope Ladders


Rope ladder is an excellent piece of equipment to build overall strength of arm and leg muscles.

It looks easy but when you start to climb our rope ladder you will discover how strenuous it gets, simply because the ladder is not fixed but moves as you try to climb.


Rungs are made of 3 cm round, good quality, polished teakwood. The rope is 10 mm diameter  non-stretch, weather resistant polypropylene, having a load carrying capacity of 1 ton.































Three standard models are available:


No of Rungs             Width                  Height                         Weight                 safe play area     


     6                          30 cm (1’)         180 cm (6’)                    1.2 Kg                     6’ x 6’                                                                            

    10                          30 cm (1’)          360 cm (10’)                 2    Kg                     7’ x 7’


    15                          30 cm  (1’)          425 cm (14’)                 3    Kg                     8’ x 8’


Other sizes as per requirement are available on request.