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Tarzan Rope


A vertical rope tied to a tree branch or a robust frame is commonly used by the armed forces to train soldiers to build strength of arms, hands and wrists.


The rope is of 25 mm (1”) diameter non-stretch, weather resistant polypropylene, having a load carrying capacity of more than 6 tons. It is provided with knots at suitable intervals for ease of climbing.


Tarzan rope is available on its own (for tying on to a tree branch or any existing frame) or with a frame. Standard models are described below:







































Model                     Height                     width of frame                 Weight         Safe play area

                                                                  For twin Ropes


Without frame        600 cm (20’)                  -                                    2.5 kg         6’ x 6’


With Frame              360 cm (12’)             240 cm (8’)                        84 kg          12’ x 6’


 Frame is Fixed to ground


Other sizes as per requirement are available on request