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Swings have always been a part of growing up in India. But after IP is done with them, the experience just gets better. We guarantee total exhilaration! Two models, Nursery and Large, are available.


· The Swing consists of two basic parts viz. the Swing Frame and the Swing Seat.

· The Frame is galvanized and powder coated with U.V. protection. All attachments are hot-dip galvanized to resist rust and corrosion in any weather even in coastal areas.

·  Polished, skid resistant FRP seats with no sharp edges are suspended from the Frame by galvanized and painted chains.

· Self –aligning ball bearings provide an extremely smooth and jerk-free ride.

· Extremely robust and stable.

· Option of one, two, or three swing seats available in single frame of both models.

· Recommended for Playgroups, Schools, Housing Societies, Hotels, Resorts, Public Parks, etc.
























                                                              Large Swing for two                                    

                                                                Fixed to ground                    




           Floor Space at ground level                           


Model                        Height                    Single seat                     Twin seat                   Triple seat                                             

Nursery                      168 cm                  137 x 152 cm                  137 x 245 cm            137 x 335 cm                                

                                   5½’                        4½’x 5’                           4½’x 8’                    4½’x 11”     


Weight                                                      28 kg                               37 kg                        45 kg                                   

Safe play area                                          8’ x 9’                             8’ x 12’                      8’ x 15’



Large                          245 cm                  245 x 213 cm                  245 x 305 cm           245 x 396 cm

                                   8’                           8’x 7’                                8’ x 10’                8’x13’                                   

Weight                                                       62 kg                                 75 kg                     88 kg  


Safe play area                                          12’ x 11’                             12’ x 14’             12’ x 17’