International Products

The FUNFIT range from International Products.....

Experience a new concept in Playground Technology & Leisure Equipment !

We invite you to sample each of our products and discover just how we have redefined play and leisure. If you think Trampolines, Swing, Slide & See Saws are the there is to ‘Playground Ground’ then allow us to broaden your horizon and bring you “FUN FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM

It is all-weather outdoor equipment that has the option of being portable. We continue to meet our customer expectation of Quality, Safety, Durability, Ingenuity and Affordability. Come, have fun the way the world does !

Our best selling products are:-

· Trampolines

· Merry Go Round

· Scramblers

· Swings

· Slides

· See Saws

· Round About


Benefits from our products

· Provides physical exercise.

· Improves motor skills.

· Helps develop balance and reflexes.

· Most importantly, provides unlimited fun.