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Another robust and extremely attractive product from IP, which should be a part of every playground, may it be a Schools or a Hotels or a Resort. Children just love to shin up trees; in fact they love to climb almost anything that can be climbed. The Scrambler caters to this very instinct of children. Now Mothers can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s not the mango tree their children are attracted to, but the safe Scrambler! Three models, Mini, Giant and Super are available.


Optional extensions to Scramblers are available. Swings or/and rope ladders can be attached to the Scrambler at a fraction of the cost of these standalone equipments. Two extensions, one on each side, are possible.


· Powder coated (UV stabilized) galvanized Frame for rust and corrosion resistance.

· All attachments are hot-dip galvanized to resist rust and corrosion.

· Non-stretch, UV-stabilized Polypropylene rope (Load carrying capacity–1.4 tons).

· Can be left out of doors in any weather even in coastal areas.

· Robust and sturdy – inspires confidence in the child.

· Mini Scrambler for small children; Giant and Super for all.

· Two optional extensions, swing and/or rope ladders are good value for money.

















Giant scrambler                                                         Mini scrambler


Model          Floor area                 Height                   Weight            Safe play area              


Mini               152 x 152 cm          137 cm                    34 Kg                 10’x10’                                            


5’ x 5’           5’ x 5’                      4’ 6”                                                          


Giant              260 x 221 cm          198 cm                    60 Kg                  14’x12’                                                                   


8’ x 7’           8’6” x 7’6”               6’6”                                                         


Super             350 x 350 cm          300 cm                     128 Kg                17’x16’                          


11’ x 11’       11’6” x 11’ 6”         10’                                                              


Scrambler Extensions

The scramblers also have two optional extensions (to be ordered separately), namely:


The rope ladder

Non-stretch, UV stabilized Polypropylene rope

Polished teak wood rungs with no rough edges.


The Swing

Non-stretch, UV stabilized Polypropylene rope or steel chain link.

Choice of FRP seat or chair.

Design and bearings are identical to those used in the standalone Swings.


Vertical Scramblers

Several models of vertical Scramblers are also available. Please ask for specifications.







Giant scrambler

Mini scrambler


Extension pipe

85/75 cm


Swing seat

FRP moulded

FRP moulded


Plummer block

Hot-dip galvanized iron clamps

Rope ladder

6 rungs

4 Rungs